Me and ICT

When I was in school, we used to have floppy disks, overhead projects and cd/cassette players. In year 8 (2004) it cost around $50 for a 128MB USB, nowadays you could get a 32GB one for less. When I was in year 11 (2007), it was the first year we had a Smartboard in a classroom. There were only 2/3 classrooms in the school that had them, so trying to use them for English presentations were always interesting. Going into EDC1400 and EDP2222 pracs, the school I was at had Smartboards in all the classrooms, making lesson planning interesting, knowing that technology was available. The constantly changing world of technology, where kids now have their own laptops from year 4 at some schools is interesting.

So my relationship with ICT, well I’m a bit like Sherlock Holmes. Intrigued by the new developments, by what the different ICTs can do, how it can be used efficiently and to its full potential in the classroom, where it is enhancing the students learning, rather than detracting from it.


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