Encountering New Technology

This week for EDC3100, we had to use Zoom. Which is a ‘broadcasting’ tool, so that us online students are able to hear the lectures from Toowoomba and also participate/ask questions during the Way Station sessions.

I found David’s post about the Zoom lecture interesting, especially about ‘PEBKAC’ – ‘Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair’, in regards to people leaving their microphone’s on, or in a couple of instances, they had their camera on. Being helpful, I private messaged those people in the middle of the lecture, just letting them know that they had left something on. Some may have thought I was rude, or it was wrong of me to tell them, (I wouldn’t know, none of them replied), but for me, I was just wanting to help them, so that they don’t get called upon during the lecture, making it more embarrassing for them.

I’m looking forward to continuing to use Zoom, and whatever new piece of technology comes my way!


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