Digital Devices and their many uses

There were a few questions last week (week 1) grouped under the heading ‘your devices and use’, which will be answered below.

Q. How many digital devices do you have?

A. I have a handful of digital devices. iPhone 3Gs, Samsung Tablet, CD/Radio player, Sony Xperia Z phone, Acer Laptop.

Q. What do you use them for?

A. I use my iPhone 3Gs as my alarm clock (as the one on my Sony phone doesn’t work as well). My Samsung Tablet doesn’t get used that much anymore (was bought around 2012), and only gets turned on every once in a while to play some of the games that are on there (which happens very, very rarely). My CD/Radio player is generally used for CDs, however, it hardly gets turned on anymore (due to having hundreds of songs on my computer). My Sony Xperia phone is used quite a lot. For making/answering phone calls for work, texting friends, checking emails and checking my roster for church. As well as using apps for submitting my timesheets for work, using Facebook to see what’s happening, and having Bible apps to be able to read different parts of the bible, and highlight my favourite verses. My laptop is used for all my uni work, for doing my assignments for Bible College, for watching tv shows and movies, listening to music through iTunes, and for doing some admin work at church every so often.

Q. Do you read books on a laptop?

A. No, I don’t, I don’t even read books on a Kindle or on my phone. I prefer having a book in front of me where I can physically turn the pages rather than sliding my finger across a screen.

Q. Do you use your smartphone to access the Study Desk?

Sometimes, especially during prac weeks, or if I don’t have my laptop on me and I need to check something.

Q. Do you take photos with your tablet?

Nope. It makes you look silly. The cameras on phones are much better.


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