Best Learning/Teaching Experience

One of the best that I’ve designed where I’ve included ICT into the lesson was during my EDP2222 prac in a year 4 class Semester 2 2015. I taught a Science lesson on recyclable, non-recyclable, compostable and decomposition.

My Lesson plan was as follows:

Lesson Plan

Grade: 4

Date: Thursday 20th August 2015

Subject: Science

Lesson Intention: Learning what is recyclable, non-recyclable, compostable, and decomposition.

Success Criteria: To understand what items are recyclable, non-recyclable, etc. and why they are.

Technology literacy goals: The students are able to open a word document and type in the words and definitions, and save the document to their ‘mysite’

Curriculum: ACSSU074: Natural processed materials have a range of physical properties; these properties can influence their use.


  • At their desks
  • Remind them of expectations
  • To get out Scissors, Glue, Pencil and Science book. Laptop on desk.
  • Say lesson intention and success criteria.
  • Get two or more people to hand out the two sheets (Worksheet and Picture Cut outs)


  • Get them to cut out the items, place and glue them where they think they should go.



  • Carpet (bring their sheet)
  • Go through the items and work out who put which where and why
  • Why are some recyclable and some not? (Recyclable can be used again/made into something else, non-recyclables can’t). Ask which ones from the sheet are reusable.
  • Show picture on the Interactive Whiteboard and ask them questions about differences in how long it takes for different items to decompose and whether they are recyclable or not.
  • Decomposition: (when something slowly decays or rots until it breaks down completely)
  • Watch the video of the decaying apple vs water bottle – Time Lapse Photography: Apple Rotting
  • Students to go back to desks, open their laptops and a word document and type the heading Glossary and save their document to their ‘mysite’
  • Ask students for a definition first, then show and say the definition from the word document via the Interactive Whiteboard, which they will then put into their word document
    • Words: Recyclable, Non-Recyclable, Reusable, Compostable, Decomposition.


Conclusion – about 5 minutes

  • Ask students questions about different things they had learnt
    • E.g. ‘What is something that is recyclable?’
  • Pack up and get ready to go home/go to the library.


The picture was taken from:

The way I designed it was to get the students thinking about what they though was reusable, recyclable etc. as well as making sure that they weren’t sitting the same spot all lesson (moving from desks to floor, back to desks). The student using their laptops to type a Glossary in a word document meant that they would be able to expand upon that glossary in the following lesson/s when we spoke about Sustainability.


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