The Power of ‘Not Yet’

This week it was mentioned about the power of ‘not yet’ and about Carol Dweck’s Mindsets. With regards to these mindsets, it is important to have a growth mindset rather than a fixed mindset and to teach students to have a growth mindset.

When I did my prac in second semester 2015, the school I was at, put a ‘Fixed and Growth mindset’ poster in every classroom. This was spoken about at the Staff meeting beforehand where we were given a little book (4 pages) from ‘DELT briefs’ explaining what a Fixed or Growth mindset is and how to promote a Growth mindset in the classroom. We were also given a sheet called ‘Changing Our Mindset’ which had a table with a few different scenarios. For example, in Dealing with Setbacks row, a Fixed mindset person would say “I’m a failure” (identity) and”I’m an idiot”; whereas a Growth mindset person would say “I failed” (action) and “I’ll try harder next time”.

The school also spoke about this at one to the assemblies, explaining to the students what it was. After that, I was able to implement this a few times in the classroom, due to a student who kept saying that he couldn’t do the work or that he didn’t get it. So I had to remind him that he couldn’t do the work ‘yet’, or that he didn’t get it ‘yet’.

The power of the words ‘not yet’, especially in the classroom full of students who will say that they ‘can’t do something’ is great, as it reminds them that they just don’t have it ‘yet’ but they will be able to do it, or understand it soon.


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