Have we become too dependant on technology?

On a Tuesday night, I attend Bible College at my church, where we watch the DVD sessions from Influencers Leadership College in Adelaide that they send up to us (along with all the notes etc.). Because of starting prac on the 16th May, over the uni break, I decided to get ahead in regards to the sessions, so that it wouldn’t matter if I missed a couple of Tuesday nights. Because of this, I now sit in a seperate room with two of my friends who are doing different subjects, and we sit and do our assignments (along with chatting!).

However, Tuesday just gone, my laptop wouldn’t connect to the churh Wifi. I tried multiple times, but it wouldn’t connect, so I just gave up and went with the documents already on my laptop (as I was wanting to access OneDrive).

This got me thinking about our dependancy on technology, and I read a couple of blogs, one by Musty and one by Tom about whether technology is making us more antisocial.

We have phones that connect to the internet, apps for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, even WordPress. I know myself, that I rely on Facebook (including Facebook Messenger) for details in regards to Young Adults events in my church (as I am a Young Adults leader), as there is a Leaders group, as well as a group chat, where the Pastor posts/messages us with information and we are able to do the same. Without these means, it would be hard for us to organise and plan events, as well as update each other with changes to the program, or send reminders about upcoming events.

There is a website called Debate.org which is a ‘is a free online community where intelligent minds from around the world come to debate online and read the opinions of others. Research today’s most controversial debate topics and cast your vote on our opinion polls.’ Including one about Have people become overly dependant on technology? As an ex-debator (represented university at Easters and local uni debates, as well as founding and running the debating society at the uni), you could say that debating is ‘in my blood’. So I thought this website is pretty cool, as people are able to post their opinion/view about a particular debate.


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