The awesomeness of C2C

When working on my assignment, I had chosen to do Year 5 Science, about the Solar System and the Planets. I knew that from my EDP2111 Prac, that I had a couple of pages of an overview of lessons from C2C. Page 1 has lessons 1-3, and Page 2 has lessons 4-6. Having taught 3 of the lessons (3, 4 and 6), I knew that they could be modified to use ICT. However, I was wishing to see what the rest of the unit entailed, so I messaged a friend of mine who is a Primary teacher, and she sent me the lessons from the C2C, with the outline. I must say it is amazing! It included links to websites where you can get information, as well as youtube videos.

The only thing about it that I’m disappointed about is that you can only access it if you are a state school teacher. Yes us students have access to Scootle, but it’s not as good, compared to what’s available through C2C.



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