Who am I?

My name is Selina Gurgacz. I’m currently doing a Bachelor of Education (Primary) through the University of Southern Queensland, externally/online, part-time. I’m also doing a Certificate 4 in Christian Leadership, through Influencers Leadership College, where the classes are run on a Tuesday night at my church (as I’m in Brisbane and Influencers is in Brisbane).

Pre-service teaching thus far:

I’ve loved the pracs. I’ve been in a Prep, 5/6 and year 4 classroom. My favourite so far would have to be year 4. All my mentors have been fantastic, and I’m looking forward to my next prac!

Interesting/Random facts about me:

  • I’ve only been a Christian since October 2013.
  • I’m highly involved in my church (Albany Hills Christian Church), doing things ranging from being a Young Adults leader, to doing the till, or table service in the Cafe on a Sunday.
  • I graduated from ACU with a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Music at the end of 2011.
  • I play clarinet and piano and have done exams for both instruments.
  • I love music, and will try to incorporate music into my classroom, even if it’s just relaxation music while the kids are working.
  • Landscape and nature photography is something I do for fun.
  • I skydived for a charity called Love Hope Jump (Hands of Compassion) on the 13th June 2015, where I raised $1100 to help women in Cape Town get out of the prostitution cycle. Jumped out of a plane from 14000ft, with 60 seconds of free fall. Was epic!